Pegasus Voice/Data DSL Systems

Pegasus lets you bring more services to more customers. With multi-user voice and broadband Internet access on one copper pair.

Schmid's Pegasus platform is breakthrough technology that lets new and legacy carriers offer service with multiple, high-quality voice channels and ultra-fast broadband Internet access on one copper pair. It's a powerfully high level of convergence that lets you offer more services to customers while you concentrate many more subscribers into each central office. Pegasus brings together an optimal balance of bandwith, economy and versatility — for a greater return on investment in your network — and greater freedom of communication for you and your customers.

The Pegasus platform is G.SHDSL that combines IP-based data transmission at up to 2.3 Mbps with separate, multi-user ISDN and POTS voice channels. The system can be configured to handle up to 128 concurrent DSL links and up to 384 subscribers per installation. Pegasus is fast and easy to deploy, configure and manage — for an exceptionally low TCO




Dynamic bandwith allocation in the Pegasus system assures usage of all available bandwith at all times, affording greater transmission volume. Voice signals always have priority over data.

Broadband Data and MultiChannel Voice DSL

Your customers want high-bandwith voice and Internet services. You want to offer these high-revenue services without high equipment costs. Now, Schmid Telecom brings it all together for you — with a powerful new level of convergence.

Pegasus Features:
  • Voice transport over priority channels
  • Multiple POTS and ISDN Interfaces per IAD
  • 10/100 Base-T Ethernet connectivity on the CPE side
  • Service selection capability for unbundled markets
  • Compact, easy-to-install, exceptionally flexible
  • Supports standard PPP access and multi-session access (PPPoE)
  • STM-1 and Ethernet trunk interfaces.
  • Variety of standardised management interfaces such as SNMP and CORBA are supported; Schmid's comprehensive Pegasus Element Manager is also available.

Pegasus Benefits:
  • Concentrate more subscribers into each central office
  • Introduce new, high-revenue broadband services
  • Increase return on your infrastructure investment
  • Reduce network complexity
  • Cost-effective solution that provides lowest TCO
  • Flexibility of bandwith, interface and transmission protocol