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The easy-to-install and easy-to-maintain WATSON systems feature your choice of technology:

selection.gif WATSON 2, based on 2B1Q technology transmitting 1Mbit/s over 1 pair or 2Mbit/s over 2 pairs
selection.gif WATSON 5 (G.SHDSL), based on PAM technology transmitting up to 6.0 Mbit/s over 1, 2 or 4 pairs


selection.gif 1 pair, 2 pairs or 4 pairs operation.
selection.gif 2 pairs or 1+1 protected mode operation for full 2Mbit/s service
selection.gif Transparent or framed E1 service (G.703, G.704, ISDN, PRA)
selection.gif Nx64kbit/s to full 2Mbit/s service (V.35, V36, X.21)
selection.gif Dual interface (nx64kbit/s) multiplexed operation
selection.gif Point to Point, point to multipoint and multiservice functionalities.
selection.gif Local or remote powering for NTUs and repeaters
selection.gif Local (e.g. VT 100) or remote (e.g. SNMP) management interface



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