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Schmid xDSL platforms offer clear advantages over all other high speed access technologies. Unlike fibre, coax and radio links, xDSL can be installed quickly and easily at a very low cost in a matter of hours.Within the telco environment, xDSL can be used for such lucrative applications such as:


  • Adding Nx64kbit/s to full 2Mbit/s leased line services
  • Primary rate ISDN
  • Concentrating more subscribers on the same cable
  • Enable mobile base station and LAN-LAN interconnection - speeds up to 6.0 Mbit/s
  • Replace maintenance-intensive HDB3 repeater links

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In addition to its telco applications, Schmid xDSL systems are the ideal solution wherever dispersed sites need to be connected. In campus area networks, such as those found in corporate, hospital, university and military base settings, xDSL can be used to:

  • Deliver high speed Internet and ATM access
  • Extend and connect LAN and PBX networks
  • Provide videoconferencing services
  • Connect traditional copper loops to a fibre optic backbone

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Multipoint And Multiservice Applications (In Turkish - 1101Kb)

Watson 2 User Manual Watson 5 User Manual
Watson 2 Brochure Watson 5 Brochure



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